Institutional Impact

Iconic universities are world-class institutions, often hundreds of years in the making. At a time when many are questioning the future of higher education, how will universities adapt to our 21st century, on-demand culture? How will they continue to create, innovate, and influence while sustaining and growing their brands?

Today, universities are asking themselves: Is it possible to give online students an experience that's as good, or better, than the campus experience? Can we do it while preserving the quality and reputation we've built over generations? 2U’s partners are proving that the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

These universities are reimagining higher education.

They are scaling their programs globally, impacting more students, and improving their brands in this century.

If great schools harness what they have to offer — the faculty, the network, the experience, the degree — and couple it with the best technology, they create something profound. They can change the world.

Unless otherwise noted in this Impact Report, all statistics presented in this Impact Report are from an internal survey of 2U, Inc.'s data completed as of June 30, 2016.

Marilyn Flynn
University of Southern California Social Work

Marilyn Flynn, Dean

"I literally doubled the enrollment in our master of social work program and at the present time, that enrollment exceeds 2,000. For us it was a venture in transforming the nature of education at the highest possible level and after five years, I absolutely can say with confidence that we have the gold standard in online education in my field in the United States and, in fact, anywhere in the world."

Scott Bass
American University

Scott Bass, Provost

"What 2U has created has had us question nearly the entire process behind master’s degrees. The MBA is a degree nationwide that has lost a tremendous number of applicants. For example, this year our on-campus MBA program has one start date and about 30 students. We started this October with the online program, with quarterly start dates, and we’re talking about a projection of 200 students by the end of the first year."

Workers with advanced degrees are needed by employers who want the best workforce possible. An educated and skilled workforce is also the foundation of local economies that depend on residents’ success and earning power for growth.

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