2U Impact Report 2015

We’re Helping Students
Reach Their Potential

At 2U, we partner with leading colleges and universities to deliver the world’s best online degree programs. We do this with one goal in mind: to help students everywhere reach their full potential.

This section details how the 2U approach to online education is affecting students around the world — changing their careers and their lives for the better. You will read about students who are reaching their goals and how their 2U-powered program is making their education possible.

Students: By the Numbers[1]


Total number of enrolled students

3 : 1

Female-to-male gender ratio


Countries represented

Icon of military bars


Military affiliated

Icon of a birthday cake


Average student age
(Age range: 18-77)

Earning a Degree From Anywhere

Students choose online degree programs for many reasons, including the ability to earn a degree without relocating. After all, most working professionals are not in a position to quit their jobs or relocate their families.

In the past, this meant students had to sacrifice the quality and prestige of an on-campus degree for the convenience of an online program. 2U-powered programs have changed that paradigm, and now, students around the world are earning top-tier degrees as they build their careers.

Meet Jason Boyd




Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

2U Partner:

Simmons College, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

I needed an online program because I am a full-time working nurse/father/husband — and I do not have the resources to put life on hold to attend school.

Meet U.S. Navy Officer Emily Ham


International Relations Online


Master of Arts in International Relations

2U Partner:

American University’s School of International Service

With this program, I didn’t have to compromise for a sub-par education due to my demanding job in the military. Instead, I have the chance to excel.

Building Personal Connections

2U-supported programs have proven that online programs can offer students real and meaningful networking opportunities. Students establish personal connections in live, weekly classes, and outside of class, students can access instructors — as well as their fellow students — through face-to-face video chats, email and discussion threads. Students further cultivate their relationships during real-world experiences, such as immersions or on-campus intensives.

Meet Ruth Rivas, UNC '14




Master of Public Administration

2U Partner:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — School of Government

I feel so connected to my cohort and many of the students I had class with. Throughout the program I texted and chatted with them online every day. I know some of these friendships will stand the test of time.

One married couple has met in 2U-supported programs

Married couple that met in a 2U-supported program


Students in many 2U-supported programs join classmates, professors and influential industry leaders in locations around the world for immersions.

At the end of my first immersion in September 2014, I saw many of my fellow students in tears — they were sad to conclude the great experience we had during those few days. I have never experienced anything like that in an academic setting.

Growing Personally and Professionally

Students and graduates in 2U-powered programs have reaped a substantial return on their investment in the form of new jobs, promotions and salary increases.

Photograph of datascience@berkeley student Erin Boehmer

Meet Erin Boehmer




Master of Information and Data Science

2U Partner:

UC Berkeley School of Information

Last month, I reached out to a company that is doing great work in Kenya, providing services similar to Square. Less than two weeks after responding to a request for data scientists, I was offered a role on the team to build a fraud detection model that will involve data visualization and machine learning.

Student Employment


Percentage of graduates from 2U-powered University of Southern California education and social work programs working in their field


First-time board pass rate for Family Nurse Practitioner students in 2012 and 2013[2]


Percentage of MBA@UNC students who have received a job change or promotion while enrolled in the program

Meet Rahim Walker




Master of Business Administration

2U Partner:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business

For student Rahim Walker, MBA@UNC’s flexible course schedule and leadership-based curriculum allows him to continue working while reaping the benefits of attending a #1 online MBA program.

Watch Rahim's Story

After Graduation

Graduates and students across 2U-enabled programs are working in a range of organizations, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America, Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Google, Los Angeles Unified School District, Microsoft, the NFL, Paypal and The Walt Disney Company.

Changing Communities Worldwide

Around the world, students are earning degrees in 2U-powered programs. Because they are able to stay in their own communities, they are also able to immediately put their education to use where it matters most — where they live and work. Studying in the U.S. and China and India, students in 2U-powered programs are truly changing the world.

Through field placements, students in 2U-enabled teaching, social work and nursing programs are able to change lives in their own communities even as they earn their degrees.

Student Impact


Number of worldwide field placements facilitated by 2U


Number of hours students in 2U-enabled programs have spent in community-based field placements


Percentage of students in 2U-enabled programs offered full-time employment at their placement site

Meet Jabari Evans




Master of Social Work

2U Partner:

The University of Southern California School of Social Work

My time at USC hasn’t just shown me how to become a social worker; it has shown me how to care for myself, be empathetic toward others and use my own unique strengths to inspire and unlock the hidden strengths of others.

Meet Nora Elizalde




Master of Science degree in Nursing

2U Partner:

Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies

With the closest practicing midwife more than 120 miles from her rural hometown in Oklahoma, Nora Elizalde enrolled in the Nursing@Georgetown midwifery program with the hopes of bringing alternative birthing options to women in her community.


Number of babies delivered by nurse-midwifery students enrolled in the Nursing@Georgetown NM/WHNP program

[1] Data as of December 31, 2014

[2] 2014 data was not available at the time of this report

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