2U Impact Report 2015

We’re Enabling Faculty to
Deliver a Better Education

Teaching faculty are key to the success of any online program. As architects of their curricula and coursework, faculty in 2U partner programs are fully engaged from the start. This engagement ensures that their online courses are of the highest quality.

Together, 2U and university faculty have created an online learning experience that not only offers students a transformative education but also breaks the traditional paradigm of education. This section details how 2U’s No Back Row™ approach to education has engaged university faculty in new and exciting ways.

Building a Superior Online Experience

The 2U team works directly with faculty to translate their traditional classroom lectures and materials into engaging, interactive content for the online classroom. This means faculty know that their courses are developed with their own standards of excellence in mind. 2U-powered courses are never watered down, and the live class sessions are inspired by assignments that bring professors’ visions to life.

2014: By the Numbers


Active faculty


New faculty on-boarded in 2014


New courses launched


Credit hours

Mean Class Size10.48

With an average class size of less than 11 students, faculty can interact and engage with students at a level not typically seen in on-campus classrooms.

Sharing a Vision for the Future

Faculty who teach in 2U-enabled programs are more supportive of online education in general than those who do not teach online. These instructors are not only believers but also true innovators in many respects. They believe in the power of quality online education because they have seen positive student outcomes firsthand.

Meet Professor Maureen Berner




Analysis and Evaluation I

2U Partner:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government

There is no back row. You’re automatically going to have to be engaged and that’s a good thing. You're going to get more out of this class than you are going to get if you’re in the back row of a class of 50 people.


Percentage of faculty teaching in 2U-supported programs who believe online courses can achieve student learning outcomes that are at least equivalent to those of in-person in the classes that they teach


Percentage of faculty teaching in 2U-supported programs who believe the quality of online courses for credit are better than or the same as in-person courses in regard to delivering the necessary content to meet learning objectives


Percentage of faculty teaching in 2U-supported programs who believe the quality of online courses for credit are better than or the same as in-person courses in regard to interaction with students during class

Teaching From Anywhere

Many students choose online degree programs so that they can attend a top-tier university without relocating. For faculty, the appeal of online courses is the same — they are able to teach from anywhere, whether at home or traveling for a conference or research. Faculty teaching in 2U-powered courses can live or travel anywhere and teach at some of the best universities in the world.

Instructors taught classes from Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Denmark, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Uganda, and United Arab Emirates

No matter when faculty teach a class — or from where — 2U supports them. Dedicated 2U support staff work closely with each professor to make the transition from a traditional, on-campus setting to an online classroom as seamless as possible.


Number of instructor-led sessions[2]


Average number of live sessions supported by 2U staff each week

Meet Professor Erin Nilon




Business Communication, Project Management

2U Partner:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business

I live outside of North Carolina and sometimes travel internationally, so teaching online allows me to still be a part of the great Kenan-Flagler community as a faculty member. While recently in Haiti for a project, MBA@UNC and 2U staff helped ensure that I could support my students and fulfill my responsibilities as a professor despite some of the challenges of connectivity in the country.

Driving Innovation in the Online Classroom

In creating a new learning experience, faculty teaching in 2U-powered programs have reconsidered what is possible in the online classroom. They have worked to establish real connections with their students and have pushed the boundaries of learning.

Simmons School of Social Work Brings a Program Tradition to Online Students

When SocialWork@Simmons students enroll in Program Director Dana Grossman Leeman’s course, Social Work With Groups, he or she receives a care package filled with snacks, tissues (for those emotional moments), and sealed envelopes to be opened at specific times throughout the course.

These care packages are not just a welcoming gesture, but an important teaching tool. Each item in the care package has a meaning, teaching students about historical social work practices as well as the culture at Simmons School of Social Work.

Meet Professor Susan Gallego




Policy in the Health Care Sector

2U Partner:

The University of Southern California School of Social Work

I have been teaching classes and speaking in front of students for more than 30 years. If you would have told me back then that I would be able to connect with my students the way that I do now… I would have never believed you. Nobody could have convinced me except for this experience. It has been so effective and it’s truly amazing how deep you can get.

[1] Largest number of active faculty teaching during 2014

[2] as of December 31, 2014

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