2016 Annual Report

Our Approach

2U believes that the future of education is digital and that the institutions that embrace this transformation will emerge as the leaders and change agents of the 21st century. But bringing the full university experience to life in a digital format is capital intensive. 2U does not shy away from that investment, which creates an intimate partnership with uniquely aligned interest in successful student outcomes at scale.

Each of our domestic graduate programs is built with our comprehensive bundle of solutions, which consists of our cloud-based SaaS technology fused with technology-enabled services, optimized with data analysis and machine learning. And with every new DGP we launch, we continue to invest in and improve our solutions. The ability to share knowledge, technology and capabilities across DGPs is a competitive advantage for both 2U and our partners. And that is why our partners sign contracts with us for at least a decade. Our comprehensive approach allows universities to deliver great digital education at scale.

Comprehensive Bundle

Our solutions consist of our cloud-based SaaS technology fused with technology-enabled services, which we optimize with data analysis and machine learning. This suite of technology and services allows our clients' programs to expand and operate at scale, and provides the comprehensive infrastructure colleges and universities need to attract, enroll, educate, support and graduate their students.


Online Campus

Our innovative online learning environment enables our partners to offer high-quality educational content together with instructor-led classes in a live, intimate and engaging setting, averaging 12 students per session, all accessible through proprietary web-based and mobile applications.

Integrated Back-End Applications

Our proprietary integrated back-end applications launch, operate and support our partners' programs. These applications allow for superior program operations, machine learning enhanced marketing, data-driven online applications, among many other benefits. In addition, these applications provide clients with real-time data and deep analytical insight related to student performance and engagement, student satisfaction and enrollment.

Technology-Enabled Services

Our comprehensive suite of technology-enabled services, many of which are optimized with data analytics and machine learning techniques, support the complete lifecycle of a higher education program. These services include recruitment, faculty and student support, content development, placement services, accessibility in web development, registrar functionality, and state authorization support.

Benefits to Our Partners

As we grow and scale our existing programs, we are leveraging data analytics to constantly reinvest in our solutions.

Using our solutions, our partners can:

Extend Institutional Mission and Reach

Extend their brands and fulfill their missions by delivering high-quality education programs online to students anywhere in the world while maintaining their academic rigor and admissions standards.

graphic displaying partners no longer limited to the capacity of on-campus seats. 62% of enrollments in MSW@USC are outside of CA.
Simmons College Tuition and Fee Revenue chart. Online Graduate programs are forecasted to exceed Graduate In-Person programs in 2017

Increase Revenue

Increase their overall enrollments significantly, thereby growing their tuition revenue. Students who enroll in 2U-powered programs generally pay the same tuition as on-campus students.

Increase Scalability

Extend themselves without the investment typically required to acquire, educate and service incremental on-campus students. They are able to focus on providing high-quality, rigorous education without addressing the operational complexity of delivering online education to students anywhere in the world.

We scale programs that require placement. 31,997 individual program field placements. 24,752 sites in our placement network.
text in graphic: The needs of one partner becomes the tools at the disposal of all

When we partnered with Washington University for @WashULaw, we needed to develop something that would replicate the Socratic method. It was from that necessity the Bidirectional Learning Tool was born. Now, all programs we power benefit from that innovation and use the tool in their online programs.

Deliver a Differentiated, Engaging Learning Environment

Leverage advanced software technology to enable highly interactive learning experiences through 2U’s Online Campus. We believe that this dynamic, interactive learning environment is more engaging than traditional educational environments or other approaches to online education, encouraging students to remain in our partners’ programs through graduation. 

Utilize Ongoing Data and Analytical Insight

Use analytics and reporting from 2U to track the engagement and learning outcomes of their online students to a significantly greater degree than for their on-campus students.

graphic: data-driven insights help students succeed. 82-84% retention rate of 2U-powered programs since IPO in 2014.

Increase Speed to Market

Implement and scale an online degree program faster with 2U than they could on their own. We work closely with partner faculty to develop engaging online courses and apply our expertise to recruiting viable candidates.

Better Outcomes

Education is a means to an outcome. And for each of the over seven billion people in the world, education remains one of the most powerful global drivers of change and upward mobility.

We believe that digital education will help meet the needs of a changing world. 2U and its partners are developing the world’s best digital education, which we believe will deliver better outcomes in the 21st century.